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Blessed the crea-
tor of women, and all of
their complications.

Glass of ice water:
two substances, one face – here
complete each other.

Sustenance: derived
from the old. But the new is
something one must feed.

Who is happiest?
The occasion’s celebrants?
Or the caterers?

She laughs like a bell.
Saint or sinner? As long as
I have milk for her.

Collapsing in bed
and there I find a partner
full of sleep power.

I daven as if
I have control over words.
They know otherwise.

Beauty and its reverberations

For the ugly ones
modesty is a mercy.
Don’t cover your glory.

Blessed the creator

Better to slapdash
And finally make a mess
Than to leave empty.

Hearing every shame:
Who are the guilty ones here?
I say: All of them!


I make a mistake –
and the mistake, homey, fresh,
stands up and makes me.

Don’t get sour, but
Shimon bar Yochai didn’t
Author the Zohar.

Big heat, 2

A glass of water
Dotted over with droplets
I gaze with longing

Toward Shuves

See the mountain now:
A mountain like all mountains, but
No clouds on the top.

The Brotherhood of Man

Tearing each others’ hair
and stealing each others’ toys:
One Father whips them.

Even in the Next World

The mirror’s looking
for its basis. A kind of door,
Also a window.

Each and Every Sabbath

One person’s soul
burns like Shabbos candles. Others’:
Smell of cholent, mulch.

Nel Mezzo Del Cammin

Half way along now
lost on the Sefirah path.
I don’t see angels.

Buy It Today!

The dybbuk-golem
possesses you — then slays your
internal enemies.

About a contemporary Jewish leader

First ever rebbe
Who teaches his hasidim
The best way to hate.

When The Mind Rests

Leave off thinking, and
the Shechinah fills it in.
So what is the point?