Stephen was a Jew
-ish boy.
He was a racist too.
Trump’s toy.
He thought, “I’m so white.
Like a goy.”
Maybe. They might
Be annoyed.

We’re all sick of the health care debate. But those who are sick, trying not to get sick, or taking care of others who are sick don’t have the luxury of absenting themselves from this debate.

They (we) are looking on in horrified fascination as the GOP makes its plan known: dismantling Obamacare and leaving millions without insurance — replacing it with stopgap subpar underfunded skimpycare.

The so-called “skinny plan” is chockfull of real harm. 15 million more uninsured. 20% premium increases. And that’s before the skinny bill is stuffed even more full with add-ons designed to pacify the elements in the GOP who take moral exception to Medicaid. (The poor should refrain from getting sick, you see. Government should not be involved in healthcare. We should go back to the good old days, whenever and wherever those were.)

It’s as if the check-engine light was blinking on your dashboard, and in response your mechanic doused the car with gasoline and set it on fire.

If you have a Republican senator, call them and tell them your healthcare story. Ask them if they came to Washington to harm the sick. If you have a Democratic senator (or if your senator is Collins or Murkowski!) call and thank them for standing up for what’s right. You can also go to the Indivisible website to be patched through to those in red states, whom you can connect directly with their senators. (I’ve done it. It’s addictive.)

Yes, life is full of complications. Things are hard. There’s plenty to do besides this sort of advocacy. You have work to go to, kids to raise, doorknobs and toilets to fix. If you are involved in whatever else you have to do, no one should criticize. But if you can just take a moment to speak up, you’ll feel good, and we’ll all thank you.

Each lawyer has a lawyer
And they’re all hunting witches
Megyn’s no Diane Sawyer
White House full of snitches

Each lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer
Reads their Lawfare daily
Lawyers’ lawyers’ lawyers’ brawlers
Get ready for the melee

When a lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer
Memoranding through the rye
Meets a lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer,
May a lawyer testify?

How many lawyers’ lawyers
Can file a meta-brief?
And how many judges’ judges
Confer injunctive relief?

Jews call on one true Judge.
(Be they a Mother or Father.)
But even heaven needs a hedge.
God should get God a lawyer.

Plums-farmers-market-seemingleeI have taken
the insurance
that covered
your children

with which
you were probably

Forgive me
I think suffering
is so sweet
and so cold

Jeff Beauregard Sessions, whatever he thought,
Disavows rememberance of things past.
He is insulted by accusations and distraught
That erstwhile colleagues think his claims a waste.
Selma’s colored fountains are no more.
While every hash is tagged with healing rights,
The South may rise again, or sip in woe
And moan the insult of many a darkened sight:
Thus he swivels neck at meetings unrecalled
With forgotten Russian type at the Mayflower,
Citing decades’ policies long installed
In justificatory — or exculpatory — power.
But if the while he starts to think on Trump,
He sips once more, and tastes a brackish swamp.

Goodnight Comey

Good night President who doesn’t think.

Good night Navy stewards with food and drink.

Good night door and grandfather clock.

Good night Lawfare’s nonpartisan shock.

Good night, big hooks of Rus.

Good night, Comey hearing fuss.

Good night, director (ex) of FBI.

Good night, Ivanka’s madeup sigh.

Good night, coffee.

Good night, tea.

Good night, honest loyalty.

I’m no Syria expert. (Heck, I’m not an America expert. Or a Maryland genius. Or so knowledgeable about Baltimore. Nor do I know myself.)

But Obama’s doctrine seemed plausible to me because it took into account the falsity of the “something vs nothing” framing wrt Syria. Any choice involves the deaths of innocents. Assad will kill.

Will intervening cause more deaths, or prevent them?That seems a core question. The more aggressive intervention might not necessarily achieve more robust outcomes, but merely more death and distress.

The Iraq lession is not “never intervene.” It’s “know what you’re doing before you intervene” and “intervene based on truth, not lies” — and also “have the end in mind before you start killing people.”

Why individual and community are both undermined by Trump, and both need to be placed at the center of compassionate care as part of anti-Trumpism

The righteous battle to keep ACA from being dismantled saved health insurance for millions. That was salutary in all senses. But the larger terms of the conflict are worth addressing — because they illuminate both why Trump is to be fought, and what we have to do to make healthcare work.

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