Title Type Publication Year
Solidarity With Israel Does Not an American Jewish Identity Make article Forward 2003
Happy Birthday, Dear Dictionary: Weinreich’s Lexicographic Masterpiece Answers the Question: ‘How Do You Say It in Yiddish?’ article Forward 2003
The Poetry of Language article Forward 2009
Spiritual Encounters of a Philosopher of Science article Forward 2008
Posters From a Doomed City article Forward 2007
A Physician Examines His Profession’s Blind Spots article Forward 2007
In Memory of a One-man Yiddish Empire article Forward 2007
Defining the ‘WikiJew’ article Forward 2006
Bidding the Classroom Adieu article Forward 2006
Stomach Cancer: Venturing Into the Belly of the Beast MEDICINE MENSCH article Forward 2006
Springing Into Action MEDICINE MENSCH article Forward 2006
Allegra Goodman’s Science Fiction article Forward 2006
Golden Link: The epic life of Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever, who died last week at 96 article Tablet 2010
In the Fold: Flipping through the world of ultra-Orthodox women’s magazines article Tablet 2009
Cut the Challah, but Slice It Slant: A Response to the ZEEK Poetry Manifesto
blogpost Forward 2010
Torah Poems That Bring Comfort, Not Questions blogpost Forward 2011
Solidarity With Israel Does Not an American Jewish Identity Make article Forward 2003
Democracy in Israel: How Jewish Can the State Be?
article Forward 2003
WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE AT 100 article Forward 2003
Bialik’s Poetic Plea to the Joint: Save Our Schools article Forward 2003
Frum Fiction: Observant Gumshoes Master ABCs of Murder article Forward 2003
A Revived Interest in Death article Forward 2004
New Play About Crown Heights Blames Jews for Deadly Riots article Forward 2004
Unanswered Quandaries of Jewish Bioethics article Forward 2004
From “Ode to the Dove” (Avrom Sutzkever) poetry (translation) Words Without Borders 2010
The Happiness of Also Refusing Happiness (Avrom Lyesin) poetry (translation) Words Without Borders 2004
New York:  Your Free Tour (and other poems) poetry Five Fingers Review 2003
The Book of Jobs essay things 2010
Broken Hallelujahs (Sean Thomas Dougherty) review H_NGM_N 2009
Self-creation poetry The Literary Review 2003
Equally worthy poetry The Literary Review 2003
Kickstarter trailer for Not in the Same Breath video YouTube 2010
Poems and translations poetry and recordings yiddishpoetry.org 2010
Three Yiddish Poets: Avrom Sutzkever, Boris Karloff, Yonia Fain translation InTranslation 2010
Seclusion (from the poem “Kotzk” by Arn Tseytlin) translation Words Without  Borders 2004
A Song (Yankev Glatshteyn) translation Words Without Borders 2004
Pesach Eve (Gella Schweid Fishman) translation Words Without Borders 2008
Sorting Laundry translation Words Without Borders 2008
Multiple poems by Yossel Birstein translation The Yossel Birstein Project 2009
Contact poetry Forward 2011
Hasidim vs. Hipsters blogpost New York 2004
Wagons; Good Night World (Yankev Glatshteyn) translation Lyric 2004
Zeneft poetry qarrtsiluni 2011
Multiple poems by Yisroel Shtern translation The Yisroel Shtern Project 2009
Crisscross: Boyarin on Borders article Forward 2004
Golems and Spies: Today’s Two Yiddish Literatures article Forward 2004
Letting Loose the Golem on Society’s Dilemmas article Forward 2004
Man Who Saved a Million Books Writes One of His Own
article Forward 2004
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Once and Future Yiddish Language
article Forward 2004
Translations of Devoyre Fogel and Moyshe Nadir poetry (translation) Eleven Eleven 2011
The Stick poetry qarrtsiluni 2011
Ode to the Dove, Avrom Sutzkever, part III poetry (translation) qarrtsiluni 2011
Translation from Avrom Sutzkever’s Diary Poems poetry (translation) Washington Square Review 2010
The Key of Joy (music: Caitie Daphtary) poetry qarrtsiluni 2011
Nathan’s Bar  poetry Cobalt 2011 
Ode to the Dove, Avrom Sutzkever, part IV; Translation from Diary Poems (Avrom Sutzkever) poetry (translation) Paper Darts 2012
The Overlooked Elixir: Thoughts on Translation blogpost Paper Darts 2012
Gilded article Tablet 2012
Lady Job translation Asymptote 2012
Hasidic Writers, Plugged In article Tablet 2012
Haredi Women’s Lit Explodes article Tablet 2012
 Keeping Things Real  poetry  qarrtsiluni 2012 
Between Paris and Williamsburg: “I Am Forbidden,” by Anouk Markovits  book review  Unpious 2012