It comes to mind that this should be a field day for moral philosophers, or at least those in the Aristotlean mode who like to talk about categories of virtue and what not.

Look here! We have the idiotic evil incompetents (Trump and Bannon), the principled (but evil) organizational men, doers and organizers (Ryan and McConnell), the spineless collaborators (Rubio and Chaffetz), and the unscrupulous greedy connivers (Jared). We have the passive self-justifiers (Collins), the tragic-comic bumblers (Christie), and the self-aggrandizing demagogues (Stein). We have the earnest electoral failure (Clinton) and the distant hero (Obama). We have the safe champions (Gilibrand) and the fierce persisters (Warren).
Which is the worst evil? Which is the greatest good? Let the learned speculation start!