A mailing list I subscribe to sent out the latest in a number of requests that go like this: “My grandfather wrote a book, and I’m sure my family and many other people would love to hear how he [taught an ass to read Aleinu/survived his brother’s wedding/asked his relatives for money/started a thriving underworld concern]. Would anyone like to help us in this project?”

Did you notice what didn’t get mentioned there? Money. I don’t translate for money any more, but let me point out that professional translators – including those who specialize in family letters or personal memoirs – do a better job than amateurs. If your grandfather expected anyone to read his memoirs at all, he would rather they be translated by someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Similarly, if you want your carbenes synthesized, spleen removed, spacecraft designed, script read, or bread baked, you are better off going to a professional. They will probably not do this work for free.